County Surveyor by Contract - Green Lake County

Request For Proposal – County Surveyor by Contract - Green Lake County

Green Lake County is requesting proposals to fulfill contracted duties relative to County Surveyor as described in Chapter 59 Wis. Stats and other statutes or requirements under the law. The successful contractor shall furnish all services and labor necessary to conduct and complete the described work,   and shall furnish all materials, equipment, vehicles, supplies and incidentals other than those designated to be furnished by Green Lake County.  The successful candidate shall be an independent contractor, not an employee or agent of Green Lake County.  The full request for proposal is posted on the County News Board on Green Lake County’s website:  Proposals, and any request for RFP clarification or additional information, shall be submitted to:

Matt E. Kirkman
Land Use Planning & Zoning Director
Green Lake County Government Center
P.O. Box 3188
Green Lake, WI 54941

Proposals received after 4:00 pm, the 18th day of February, 2017 shall not be considered. 


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