Beach Information

All natural bodies of water contain microscopic organisms. Bacteria levels tend to rise after rainfall as runoff drains into a water body, carrying bacteria from surrounding areas. Studies have shown that rainfall is one of the major factors affecting beach water quality at beaches. Public beaches on Green Lake are monitored weekly for E. Coli bacteria, an indicator for the possible presence of human health risks. If bacteria levels are above state health standards, an advisory or closure sign will be posted at those locations. Currently there are NO closed beaches due to high E.Coli levels.

Because there is always a chance for bacteria to be in natural bodies of water, the Green Lake County Health Department always advises, for your safety:
*Do not ingest lake water
*Shower after swimming
*Wash hands before eating
*Do not swim if you are ill.
*People with underlying medical conditions, the young, and the elderly are more likely to get sick if beach water is swallowed.

For information on blue-green algae please visit

For more information, contact the Green Lake County Health Unit at 920-294-4070.

Kathy Munsey
Green Lake County Health Officer



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