The Department of Health & Human Services is comprised of various units that oversee the different programs:
  • Administrative Unit
    Provides clerical and fiscal support to the agency.
  • Aging/Long Term Care Unit (Aging/LTC Unit)
    Aging Unit serves persons age 60+. Provides services including the following: congregate nutrition program, homebound meal program, transportation, commodities, elder abuse, elderly benefit specialist, peer counseling, and advocacy.
  • Children & Family Services Unit (C & FS Unit)
    Provides services to children and families including the following: child abuse/neglect services, juvenile services, placement, crisis intervention, day care, domestic violence services, intensive supervision.
  • Behavioral Health Unit (BHU)
    Services to adults and children. Includes mental health counseling, AODA counseling (individual and group), community support program (CSP) for chronically mentally ill, crisis intervention and related services. For more information see the Clinical Services brochure.
    Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a Medicaid program that serves adults and children with mental health and substance use disorders; in need of ongoing services due to an impairment that interferes with or limits major life activities. CCS is available to individuals who are determined eligible through the state functional screening process. For more information see CCS brochure.
  • Economic Support Unit (ESU)
    Administers economic support programs including Wisconsin Works (W-2), Badger Care +, the FoodShare Program, Wisconsin Shares (low-income childcare assistance), WHEAP (Energy Assistance) and Elderly, Blind and Disabled Medical Assistance programs.
  • Fox River Industries (FRI)
    Sheltered Workshop (920)361-3484
    Sheltered work facility located at 222 Leffert, P.O. Box 69, Berlin, WI 54923
    Provides services to developmentally disabled and chronically mentally ill adults including: information and referral, day services, sheltered work, supported employment, transportation and case management.
  • Health Unit
    The Health Unit offers a wide range of public health services focused on the control and containment of human public health hazards. The core functions of public health are to assess and monitor the health status of the entire county, develop public health policy, and assure access to quality health care.
It is inherent that all individuals have the right to pursue fulfilling and productive lives. Therefore, it is the mission of the Green Lake County Department of Health & Human Services to provide comprehensive and integrated services that are supportive, preventative, habilitative and rehabilitative to all residents of Green Lake County. These services are provided in respect to individual and family needs in the least restrictive manner. The services are available to all Green Lake County residents without regard to age, race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or political affiliation and are intended to reduce or eliminate barriers which would otherwise inhibit their personal development.

Responsible for oversight of all programs and staff of the Department of Health & Human Services as outlined in State Statute 46.23. Duties include policy and procedure development, fiscal oversight, program development and evaluation and ensuring compliance with State requirements. Board members appointed to the Health & Human Services Board receive both individual orientation and training and opportunities for attendance at relevant conferences.