The Children & Family Services Unit (C & FS Unit) provides services to children and families including the following: child abuse/neglect services, juvenile services, placement, crisis intervention, day care, domestic violence services, intensive supervision.
To find out more about Child Care Certification, click on the following link and go to early care and education: Child Care Certification Information

To become certified for Child Care, click on the following link Child Care Certification Forms to access the following forms:

Background Disclosure form
Landlord permission
Regulatory agency approval
Standards and checklist
Administer medication
Child health report
Day care intake under 2
Enrollment and health history
Parent checklist
Daily attendance
Sample written policies
All school age forms

If you have any questions regarding policy and procedure, the following Child Care Manuals are located at the following link: Child Care Manuals

Commentary Manual
Policy Manual
Caregiver Manual

See attached Application for Family & In-Home Child Care.

See attached Certified Child Care Providers.
Community Response is a program that responds to child safety concerns by:
  • Ensuring children are safe
  • Avoiding negative labels for parents
  • Setting aside the issue of fault
  • Working in partnership with parents
  • Assisting families in identifying strengths and needs
  • Providing services matched to families’ needs
  • Providing assistance with basic needs, such as: food, clothing, and shelter
For more information, see the Community Response Brochure.
MISSION STATEMENT: To hold the youthful offenders accountable, while providing opportunities that contribute to victim and community restoration.

BACKGROUND: The Community Service Program, an adjunct to the Green Lake County Circuit Court, is managed by the Green Lake County Department of Health and Human Services. When a youth breaks the law, the court orders community service to be performed. It is an effective tool to prevent juvenile recidivism, including underage alcohol consumption.

The Community Service Coordinator provides coordination and supervision, which includes monitoring attendance, ensuring compliance with rules and assisting with placement, until the service hours are performed. The Coordinator then reports the results to the Court.

For more information See the the Community Service Program brochure.

Contact the Children & Family Services Unit for more information.

For additional information, please see Foster Care & Resource Center.

A Break. A chance to get away and have time to take care of yourself. Some people use it to take a walk, read a book, or run errands. Other people get a haircut, go grocery shopping, or spend time with another child. If you are interested in becoming a respite care provider or a foster home provider please contact us!

For more information, please see Respite Care Brochure.