The Green Lake County Land Conservation Department provides conservation planning assistance and technical service in the area of soil and water conservation to landowners, land users, and decision makers of Green Lake County. Through the partnership with Federal, State, and local agencies and departments, the department offers numerous programs designed to protect and enhance the natural resources of Green Lake County.

Clean Sweep - Hazardous Waste Collection

What Is Hazardous Waste?
Hazardous waste items include: agricultural chemicals, lawn and garden products, household cleaners, poisons, oil based paints and paint related products, rechargeable batteries, mercury thermometers, swimming pool chemicals, antifreeze, fluorescent bulbs, waste oil, and/or anything labeled as caustic, poisonous, flammable, toxic etc.  These products should not be thrown away with your regular trash or poured down your drain.  Instead they should be saved for a Hazardous Waste Clean Sweep collection, where they will be recycled, neutralized, incinerated for waste-to-energy, or otherwise properly disposed of. 

Clean Sweep 2019 will be August 9th from 11am-5pm at             570 South Street in Green Lake (Green Lake County Fairgrounds)

Chemical items are FREE to dispose of for Green Lake County residents and landowners. 
Businesses must pay a disposal fee. Please call with quantities to obtain a quote.

EWASTE will be collected for a fee (see prices here).

Household EWASTE includes things like microwaves, dehumidifiers, window air conditioners, TVs, VCRs, personal computers (PCs) and computer components, monitors and cathode ray tubes (CRTs), office equipment, calculators, game systems, phones, wires/cables, etc…. 

TIRES will be collected for a fee (see prices here).

Feel free to come on August 9 between 11am-5pm and we will register you at the entrance.
For any further questions feel free to contact the office at 920-294-4051.

The following items will NOT be accepted.  
   Ammunition and Explosives (dynamite, fireworks)
   Appliances and Freon Gases
   Fire Extinguishers
   High Pressure Cylinders (propane)
   Infectious/Biological Waste (sharps)
   Latex Paint
   Medicines (prescription and over the counter)
   Radioactive Materials (smoke detectors)
Household HazWaste Management Guide   

Disposing of Home & Garden Pesticides

Disposing of Paint & Home Improvements Products

Disposing of Waste Oil & Automotive Products

How can I dispose of household hazardous waste any time of the year?     
            Veolia - Hazardous Waste Division
            1275 Mineral Springs Dr.
            Port Washington, WI  53074
            Mondays 8am-5pm     
            Phone 262-243-8998 for accepted items and disposal fees

            Dane County Year-Round Clean Sweep Facility
            7102 US Hwy 12
            Madison, WI  53718
            (Beltline/12/18 East toward Cambridge) across from the
            Yahara Hills Golf Course at the Dane County Landfill 
            Tuesday thru Friday 7am-2:45pm
            Saturday 8am-10:45am
            Phone 608-838-3212 or 608-243-0368
            Call ahead for hours of operation and disposal fees   

Conservation Programs


There are a variety of Federal, State, and Local Programs to help preserve and protect yours land and waters. Land Conservation Department Staff can help you select a program that is best suited to your needs.
Call or Email for an appointment.


Environmental Quality Incentives Program
Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program
Wetland Reserve Program
Wisconsin Farmland Preservation Program
Conservation Reserve Program
Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
Land & Water Resource Management Program
Conservation Security Program
Managed Forest Law
Gunderson, Paul
County Conservationist
Dornfeld, Jordan
Soil Conservationist I
Jonker, Tom
Soil Conservationist I
Kavanaugh, Derek
Soil Conservationist II
Morris, Todd
Soil Conservationist III
Weishaar, Heidi
Administrative Assistant
Nutrient Management Planning

Wisconsin State Law requires all lands to which nutrients are applied (manure or commerical fertilizer)to develop and follow a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP).

Plans can be written by a Certified Crop Consultant (CCA) or by the landowner, if they have attended a UWEX Certified Training Workshop.

Nutrient Management Planning

NMP Manure Restriction Maps

Soil Sampling Instructions

SNAP-Plus Software

Wisconsin Statutes (Chapter 92.10) requires each county to prepare a Land & Water Resource Management (LWRM) plan for the purpose of conserving soil and water resources.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) approves the plan.  DATCP approval allows the county to be eligible for annual funding.  Citizen input on plan updates every 10 years is encouraged.

2018 Land & Water Resource Management Plan
Erosion Concerns & Conservation Practices

Green Lake County Land Conservation Department offers engineering services for a variety of Conservation Practices.

Land Conservation Staff is available to provide design and engineering services to correct erosion and water quality problems.

Click HERE to see some examples of the hundreds of projects we have designed and installed.


Agricultural Performance Standards
Center for Watershed Science and Education
Gathering Water Conservancy

Lakes, Streams, and Ponds Program

Assistance with:

Shoreline Erosion
Water Quality Monitoring
Lake Planning

Contact Derek Kavanaugh at

WDNR Lake Maps

Lake Organizations:

Lake Puckaway/Fox River

 Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District
      Lake Puckaway Lake Management Plan (2004)
      Lake Puckaway Vegetation Survey (2005)
      Lake Puckaway Environmental Integrity Report (2008)
      Vegetation Trend Analysis Graph (Powerpoint) (2008)
      Haystack Bay Vegetation Trend (Photos) (2008)
      1941-2005 Puckaway Vegetation Poster (2010)
      Lake Puckaway's "Vanishing Act" (2010)
      Shallow Water Lake/Reservoir Management (Links)
            Shallow Water - Troubled Lakes (MNDNR) 
      Water Level Data
            2004-2008 Water Levels at Princeton Locks (relative)
            2008-2009 Water Level Gauging Stations (actual)
            Current Water Levels
Lake Puckaway Improvement Association

Sign up to Volunteer for Lake Projects

Little Green Lake

Little Green Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District
      Little Green Lake Watershed Assessment (2004)
      Little Green Lake Sediment Basin Photos (2009)

Green Lake

Green Lake Sanitary District

Green Lake Association

2013 Lake Status

Big and Little Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes Association
      Aquatic Invasive Plant Treatment Plan (2008)

            2008 Pre-Treatment Survey
            2008 Post-Treatment Survey
            2009 Pre-Treatment Survey
            2009 Post-Treatment Survey
            2010 Pre-Treatment Survey
            2010 Post-Treatment Survey 
            2011 Pre-Treatment Survey
            2011 Post-Treatment Survey CLP EWM
            Aquatic Invasives Sign Front Back

Invasive Species Program

      Clean Boats, Clean Waters
      VHS Update
      Environmental Resources Center: Invasives Species
      Midwest Aquatic Plan Management Society

Lakes Education

      Angler Education Program (WDNR)
       Boating Safety (WDNR)
       Citizen Lake Monitoring Network
       UW Extension Lakes Program
       USGS: Lakes Program
       Wisconsin Association of Lakes


Lake and River Data:

Fox River
      Berlin Monitoring Station (USGS)
      Princeton Monitoring Station (USGS)
Green Lake
      Sunset Park Monitoring Station (USGS)
      White Creek Monitoring Station (USGS)
      Puchyan River Monitoring Station (USGS)
Well Testing and Abandonment
Green Lake County Land Conservation Department provides cost-share funds for the abandonment of unused wells. 

Cost-share funding is obtained through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection's annual soil & water rescource management grant.  

Cost-share contracts must be signed and approved prior to commencing any well abandonment work. 

Complete the APPLICATION for consideration and mail it to:
Well Abandonment Program
Land Conservation Dept
PO Box 3188
Green Lake WI 54941
or Call (920) 294-4051 for more information.

Unused wells are a direct conduit to groundwater contamination. Wells located in basements or in areas prone to flooding are of particular concern. Dug or drilled wells which are no longer in use qualify for funding assistance. Wells abandoned in conjuction with a new well construction do not qualify.

For water testing kits, contact the Health and Human Services Department at (920) 294-4070.

Green Lake County does not conduct an annual tree sale since many of our surrounding counties provide this service.

Green Lake County area tree sales:

Wisconsin DNR Nursery Sales
Marquette County Tree Sale
Columbia County Tree Sale
Fond du Lac County Tree Sale
Dodge County Tree Sale

We have tree planters available for rent!  If interested, please contact our office at 920-294-4051. 

Farmland Preservation Program (Working Lands Initiative)
The State of Wisconsin offers a Tax-Credit for agricultural landowners who develop and follow a nutrient management and conservation plan.

The Working Lands Initiative (WLI) of the Farmland Preservation Program took effect January 1, 2010.  To continue receiving tax credits review this page.

A Conservation Plan identifies potential erosion concerns, and identifies crop rotations and tillage practices, based on slopes and soil types, which reduce average soil erosion rates.

For information on the program, or to sign up, email your name and address to:

Working Lands Initiative
NR151 Compliance Review (sample)
Department of Agriculture Information Webpage

FPP Eligibility and Information
Farmland Preservation Tutorial
Farmland Preservation Tax Credits
Tax-Credit Form (Schedule FC-A)
Tax-Credit Form Instructions (Schedule FC-A)

Crop Damage Program


The Land Conservation Department administers the Wisconsin Crop Damage Program for Green Lake County.

To sign-up call: 1-800-433-0663

For more information
USDA-APHIS - Animal and Plant Health Services
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Land disturbances over 2000 square feet or on slopes greater than 12% require a Construction Site Erosion Control Permit*

*Projects covered under a UDC Permit must follow a construction site erosion control as part of their UDC permit. County construction site erosion control permits are not required of these projects

Construction Site Erosion Control Permit Aplication (pdf)

County Plat Books
Plat Books Include:
Land Ownership
Public Lands

Municipal Boundaries
Section Lines
Township Lines
Index to Owners
Index to Roads

Available at the Treasurer's Office, Green Lake County Government Center, 571 County Road A, Green Lake 
2016 edition - $30 + tax
2014 edition - $30 + tax
2011 edition - $20 + tax
2009 edition - $10 + tax                                       
WDNR Conservation Officers (Game Warden) - Green Lake County 
(920) 369-6028 Nate Ackerman

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Green Lake County Field Office

(920) 294-6140

Farm Service Agency (FSA) - Green Lake County
(920) 294-6474

Green Lake Association
(920) 294-6480

Green Lake Sanitary District
(920) 295-4488

Green Lake Conservancy

(920) 539-3592 Bur Zeratsky

Raingardens are a great way to attract birds and butterflies to your yard while helping to improve water quality.

Students at St. John's Catholic School in Princeton installed a Raingarden in 2008.  (Photos)

Below are some great resources to find out more about Raingardens and how to build one.

10,000 Raingardens Project (Kansas City, MS) 
      Raingarden Guide
Raingardens of Michigan (Michigan)
      Fact Sheet
      Great Lakes Brochure
RainScapes (Rockville, MD)

Raingardens: How to for Homeowners (Wisconsin-UWEX)
Raingardens: Improving Water Quality (Wisconsin-UWEX)
Raingarden Design (Low Impact Development Center)
Build your own Raingarden (Maryland-Baysavers)
Raingarden: Design Principles (Vancouver, Canada)
Raingarden: Technical Guide (Virgina, Dept. of Forestry)
Create A Garden (Michigan)
How to Design a Raingarden
Raingarden Manual of New Jersey
Raingardens: Sustainable School Projects

Native Plant Sources - Wisconsin (Wisconsin-UWEX))

Youth Poster Contest

2020 Green Lake County Conservation and Environmental Awareness Poster Contest

This annual contest is open to any Green Lake County youth Grades K-12. Anyone can enter on their own since this does not have to be related to a school project. This contest gives young people the opportunity to use their artistic skills to inspire our community with a powerful environmental message.   

There are seven contest divisions by age. 
Every entry will receive a certificate of participation and cash prizes are awarded to the top three posters in each age division.

2020 Poster Contest theme is "Where would we BEE without pollinators”

Click here for complete rules & registration form.

Help yourself to these fun activity pages!:
Booklet 1 GRK-1
Booklet 2 GR2-3
Booklet 3 GR4-5
Booklet 4 GR6&Up
BIG Book
Activity Place-mat


List of 2019 Winners!
Primary Division GRK-1
Elementary Division GR2-3
Middle Division GR4-6
Junior Division GR7-9
Senior Division GR10-12
Special Needs
Winners reported in county newspapers April 25, 2019
Two Summer Camp opportunities for youth are available.

Students who will be entering Grades 6-8 in the fall of the current year
Sand Lake Conservation Camp at Camp Bird Youth Camp in Marinette County, Wisconsin

Students who will be entering Grades 9-12 in the fall of the current year (must be 17 or under)

Wisconsin Youth Conservation Camp

Follow the above links for registration information and details.

Green Lake County Land Conservation Department has bid packets available for project designs produced by the LCD Office and cost-shared via the DATCP SWRM Program.  Bids are solicited per LCC policy specified in the County's Land and Water Resource Management Plan.

Current projects open for bids:

None at this time

Note: Site viewings will only be conducted for contractors with bid packets.

Bid Packets are $15 per copy.  To order a Bid Packet - Call (920) 294-4051 or email