The Drainage Board is responsible for administering drainage districts and resolving local drainage disputes in accordance with Chapter 88, Wis. Stats., and Chapter ATCP 48, Wis. Admin. Code. Drainage ditches are constructed to remove excess water from farmland. Consideration is given to the impacts of drainage to receiving water bodies as much as it is to lands that are drained. Drainage Board inspects all district drains annually.
The Drainage Board will consist of three (3) members who have been appointed by the Circuit Court. The terms are staggered.
Roger Sell; Dick Severson; Patrick Krueger; Paul Gunderson, County Conservationist(ex-officio)
Dick Severson
Term Length
3 years
Quarterly. Assessment hearing is generally held in September.

For the exact date/time and location of meetings, please refer to the calendar of events.